Lovely Open Studios Weekend

Thank you for all that stopped by Open Studio North. We couldn’t have been happier with the show and the guests that came to see it. And how about those hours of operation!?

Here’s a couple shots before the trampling through began.

Get Small, Really Small, with Dr. North

Dr. North takes you to the nanoscale with his own original works. In this series Dr. North has micro-machined and nano-fabricated structures too small for the eye to see. In fact, they are too small for a microscope to see. Not a whole lot to look at you’re thinking.

By using a scanning electron microscope Dr. North has bounced electrons off these structures, collected the ejected electrons, and then recreated an image of the structure. While scanning electron microscopy is a standard technique, the techniques used to create the structure are not. Dr. North developed these techniques in a hundred million dollar cleanroom, mixing a heavy science with artist flavor–black art to be precise.

Using a PhD in Materials Science, 5 years of cleanroom processing, a hundred thousand dollar budget, and whole lot of time Dr. North developed custom processing techniques to sculpt at this size scale. Because of this odd mix of opportunity, skill and resources Dr. North is the only person on the planet that can create these structures. They’re made of a mix of silicon (what computer chips are made of), silicon dioxide, titanium, titania, and photopolymer.

In the image below, titanium is converted into a nanostructured titania. The process introduces intrinsic stress into the cantilever structures causing it to distort into this lovely shape.

Titania Intrinsic Stresses Cause The Distortion

Fixed Design at Open StudioNorth Oct 9/10

Fixed Design will be showcasing several pieces of their furniture line. The quality is evident when you try to lift it.

Fixed is an American design company, borne from the creative hunger of former jet engine designer Ryan Wickre. They are guided by our vision for the future of product design and manufacturing.

The Fixed dream is that they can build custom, to-order products, using high quality materials, at competitive prices. Their designs are created using fully parametric models: tell them your height, or your space constraints, and their models fully update to fit you with just a few keystrokes. Further, Fixed products are designed from the outset with manufacturing in mind. The materials and forms are selected for efficient production using a combination of computer-controlled machines and loving handcraft.

Shawn Ray Harris at Open Studio North Oct. 9/10

We’re really excited about this artist. Shawn Ray Artist creates striking 3-D images using some very clever self created processing. Much of his subject matter revolves around the bay area making it especially fun. In this image you can pick out the Rocket Ship, a tremendous project by a local group of artists.

Shawn’s studio is right around the corner from Studio North, so stop by, check out his stuff here and then we’ll tell you how to find him. We will have some of his prints on hand for sale.

Miranda Caroligne On Display During Open Studios

Just added to this weekend’s line up for Open Studio North, as a part of Open Studios, is the established San Francisco fashion designer Miranda Caroligne. Here’s one of her latest pieces fresh of the sewing machine. For more about Miranda and her work, stop by this weekend the 9th and 10th of October or visit her website.

One of Miranda Caroligne's latest creations

And we’re back…

It’s been a fun summer galavanting around the world from Berlin to Costa Rica, from the Playa to forest. We’re now putting together the Fall and Winter series of events at Studio North. If you’re interested in hosting an event, throwing a party, leading a workshop, or somehow else participating; then send a descriptive email to:

part (at)

Otherwise stay tuned to the calendar for upcoming events, and watch out for Studio North offsite events.

Fall Fashion Show Planning Meeting

This will be a brief meeting to discuss the Fall fashion series at Studio North. We’ll also be discussing the proposal to cater fashion at a major upcoming San Francisco fundraiser.

Xavier Esqueda Exhibit Tour Video

I’m With Alix Event a huge success

Tonight Resident North had the privelage to host Alix Rosenthal’s political fundraiser. The space turned out to be just the right size for a well catered party by Sauce, talks by Steven T. Jones (City Editor, San Francisco Bay Guardian) and Ross Mirkarimi (San Francisco Board of Supervisors), and some kick ass DJs. It’s not often that you find such a lovely a mix of political, artistic, and straight up awesome people.

Resident North–awesome people in an intimate setting.

Xavier Esqueda Closing Show

Thursday, May 27, 2010
6:00pm – 10:00pm
1800 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Xavier Esqueda Closing

This is your last chance to meet Xavier before he heads back to Mexico with this incredible body of work that has filled the walls of Resident North for the last 3 weeks.

For those of you that made it to the opening, we’re anticipating an equally good time, and Xavier has some freshly produced work on display.

For this event we’re offering an alternative to cure the sticker shock some experienced with the original works. We’ll be offering 9 limited edition reproductions of each piece. The images are professionally photographed and reprinted on canvas. At a fraction of the cost, this may be a good alternative to those that wanted to become a collector, but couldn’t afford the original.

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