How An SEO Agency In Liverpool Compares To London

SEO Agency In Liverpool

If you’re a business owner looking to increase your online visibility, you might be considering hiring an SEO agency to help you improve your search engine rankings. But where do you start? For many businesses based in the capital or further afield, the allure of a London-based SEO agency is often a tempting first port of call. 

But will it give you the best ROI, and would you be better off hiring an SEO agency in Liverpool

We think so. Keep reading to find out why.

5 reasons to choose a Liverpool SEO agency:

1. Lower-cost SEO services in Liverpool

What matters most to you and your business? Bottom line, right? So let’s not beat around the Shepherd’s Bush – SEO agency fees in London are high. Why? Because eye-watering living costs and business expenses in the capital mean higher overheads for London-based agencies, which are inevitably passed on to clients. 

According to Statista, London has the top three most expensive areas for office space in the UK, while the average annual salary is nearly £10k more than the national average. With all that in mind, choosing an SEO agency in Liverpool becomes a straightforward economic decision. Swerving the “London Tax” for some “Scouse nous” can help your budget stretch further, with comparable SEO services that won’t break the bank.

2. Liverpool is a thriving digital hub

When you think of vibrant, creative SEO enclaves north of Watford Gap, Manchester naturally springs to mind. But just as Leeds has emerged in recent years as a formidable Northern alternative within the Search industry, at the opposite end of the M62, Liverpool is confidently paving its own way as a thriving digital hub. 

In fact, it’s booming. Liverpool City Region’s digital economy has grown by nearly 50% (48%) over the last decade with more than 4,000 digital companies now calling it home. All in all, that makes Liverpool one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech centres. It’s dynamic. It’s exciting. It’s the perfect place to find your next SEO agency.

3. Friendly, personalised, professional service

Harking back to the astronomical cost pressures facing London SEO agencies, the alternative scenario to charging higher fees to cover those costs is to operate on a volume basis. Stack ‘em high and sell ‘em, not cheap but lower than other Big Smoke competitors at least. When it becomes a numbers game like that, something has to give.

Quality and service are often the inevitable casualties. But, with a Liverpool SEO agency in your corner, lower overheads mean that you and your business are far more likely to receive the dedicated attention and multi-disciplinary expertise you need to thrive. Plus, that old cliche rings true: we are friendly up north!

4. Fresh, broad perspectives

Let’s say you’re interested in developing an SEO-focussed Content Marketing strategy that enables your brand to appeal to a broad cross-section of British society or, conversely, a specific demographic beyond the South East. Would (and should) you entrust your campaign with a London-centric SEO agency? Maybe but probably not.

An SEO agency in Liverpool is likely to bring a fresh, outward-looking perspective to proceedings. London’s cool, but there’s a whole world outside of it. Agencies like ours recognise that better than anyone. Therefore, if you choose an SEO agency based in this historic maritime city, you’ll be rewarded with a refreshingly innovative approach.

5. It’s 2024, and we’re digital!

Speaking of which… It’s 2024 people! We’re all on board with video-calling (cheers Covid) and hybrid working by now, so geographical location is largely irrelevant when you can meet with your SEO agency over Zoom, Teams or Meet without leaving the comfort of your office. That’s got to beat trying to negotiate the Tube or London traffic.

Of course, regular face-to-face meetings are essential for ensuring your agency’s SEO tactics continue to align with your business objectives. With London named one of the worst cities in the world for commuting, the 140-minute train journey from Euston to Liverpool Lime Street may come as a welcome relief. 

In all seriousness, Liverpool’s accessibility makes it easy and convenient to organise regular face time. It’s even manageable enough for a “there-and-back” in one day. Although, you really should stay for the sights!

Capitalise on our expertise today!

Liverpool is an amazing place to establish your company’s online presence, especially if you’re looking for the best ROI for your SEO investment. You stand a much better chance of enjoying high-quality, personalised service from leading professionals boasting northern nous and global perspectives at an SEO agency in Liverpool. 

With technological advancements and rapid rail links from London, virtual and face-to-face communication pose no problem at all these days, so it’s simpler than ever to experience a productive partnership with Liverpool-based agencies. Liverpool continues to be the thriving global gateway it’s always been, only now it’s digital.

If you’re interested in hiring a leading Liverpool SEO agency, contact Resident North today.

Simon Grant

Simon Grant

Published 15 February 2024

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